Massive improvements coming to PaidVerts

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Massive improvements coming to PaidVerts

Postby slosumo » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:51 am

We have a few exciting news about PaidVerts!


PV Ad viewing massive simplification

We're glad to let you know that we've begun work on a major improvement to how PaidVerts' ad viewing works, that is focused on giving our users a much better experience and use of their time, and at the same time improve the quality of our ads for the advertisers.

Let's get straight to what's changing!

Right now this is the procedure of viewing ads:
1) Go to Paid Ads
2) Click to view an ad – see campaign summary and copy the 3 lines (Which everyone ignores and is annoying)
3) Click to proceed, get taken to ad view page
4) confirm captcha
5) Wait X seconds for ad completion
6) Confirm
7) Close
8) click View another ad
9) Repeat 1-8

This overall procedure has 8 steps and on average takes about 10 seconds of extra time, when you're not even looking at the ad. In case of a 5s ad timer, this means you're spending 15s of your time to view a single ad.

The changes we are working on will VASTLY simplify this procedure, like so:

1) Go to Paid Ads
2) Click view ad button (taken DIRECTLY to ad view page)
3) confirm captcha
4) Captcha is replaced with 1-3 line of text of the ad which advertiser specified <- no confirmation/copy of this required, it immediately catches users' attention (it should likely be bordered/stand out from the rest of the ad view bar at the top). The „tip“ texts on the left will also be changed/reduced to look better
5) Wait X seconds
6) (no need to confirm) View another/next ad button is shown, and a „close/end viewing ads“ is shown which closes the tab / refreshes this page with the next ad. * next ad could be simply by „ad id“, or we might give users a setting where they can select ad viewing order – (i.e. BAP ads first, highest/lowest value first, or default by ad id)
7) Repeat 3-6

This improved procedure will really only have 4 steps and on average will have only about 4 seconds of extra time, so on the same example of a 5 second ad, you will instead of needing 15s to view an ad, only need about 9s!

This means that, as majority of our ads are 5 seconds in length, you are basically earning 67% more in the same time, just because of this simplification!

Here's a rough draft of the ad view bar with the change:

Pros of new implementation:

- reduced user fatigue
- much better user experience, especially for new users, as it will also get them into the habit of viewing more ads
- increased value of time spent by 67% (in case of 5s ads, which most ads are)
- Potentially reduced DB entries due to simplified procedure, reduced server load/connection attempts
- potentially increased ad conversion as user is more fresh and more likely to check the website

- loss of a significant portion of banner impressions, as our current implementation doubles everything. But this also makes them less effective and users tend to ignore them.


Right now the ad viewing procedure is wasting a lot of users' time, which makes users disengage with the ads and them being less effective (passively viewing ads). By keeping the procedure more simple, slick and fast, users will be engaging with ads more actively. This will help improve conversion rates for the advertisers as users will be more fresh and engaged with the ads, opposed to the ad view procedure sapping all of their attention by itself.

The advertiser's message shown on the ad view page itself will help reinforce advertiser's message and help point out important things, opposed to mainly being ignored in the current implementation (as users just want to skip through it). We also might add a way for advertisers to select a more standout text of the ad lines for an additional fee.

The biggest gain here will definitely be for the users, as their time will instantly be up to 67% more valuable, and the daily routine for users will become shorter.

PaidVerts has recently not been the most attractive to the regular/”small PTC users” as it took just way too much time to earn a few cents from scratch.

So this change should help increase overall retention of new users, help engage more users to become actively engaged and invest into their PaidVerts experience and earning potential.

As a result of this, value for advertisers will start increasing along with more active users to target, meaning that we should start seeing more ad sales, which in turn will help with increasing ad frequency and value to users, increasing every user's earning potential!

We are estimating the changes to be done by the end of November, on top of some other improvements we have almost done (new landing/home page, about us page, extra activation days will be changed into a registration BAP bonus).

In the following months we will be working on additional improvements to PaidVerts, (especially in January) as the PTC industry has definitely taken a big hit in the past few years, and is something we can definitely shift in our favor by improving our biggest and oldest product!

With these changes we will start looking more into promoting PaidVerts again – which is where you also come in as well! With the improved user experiences, time value, advertiser focused-improvements, referring people to PaidVerts again will become a lot more profitable again. And being an early adopter and taking advantage of these major updates you can take it as a hook to make your campaigns a lot more effective.

Especially with the upcoming Ad view simplification we believe it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool to not only spark the interest of new PTC users, but also your old referrals to have a look back and give PaidVerts another go.

We will be doing our own part in trying to reach out to old members via emails, but due to the age and bulk of these emails our emails will not be as effective of getting through as yours as a sponsor might be. So if there's a time to try and reconnect with your referrals, now would definitely be a good time to start doing that :)

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