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Kibo - Your own lotto platform

Postby Axiantor » Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:46 am

I have dig all the info on this program. Let me share with you!


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As a decentralized lottery/lotto the the people selling the lotto/lottery tickets are all the users that buy the platform. There are a number of limited platforms to sell. Currently have been sold 5192 out of a maximum of 20000 platforms.

After buying your platform you'll be able to sell tickets to your own friends and family. Sell on your neighborhood, across the internet.

Why is lotto a good strategy?

Today virtually every country has its own national and commercial lotteries that have been enjoying steady popularity for many years. The share of lotteries on the world's gambling market is above 30%. Annual turnover on the market currently stands at $284 bln. By way of example, it is 10 times higher than the turnover of the entire world's film industry.

‘‘ ‘‘The share of online lottos is already in excess of $4 billion. This figure continues to grow as the Internet penetrates new areas and the number of smartphone users rises, which, according to specialist estimates, will exceed 5 billion devices by 2020. ’’ ’’

The lotto is today's favorite national entertainment and is second to none both in popularity and the market share it holds among entertaining social games in the world. Globally, on average, every second person in developed countries plays the lottery on a regular basis. In some European countries, such as Spain, this figure is even higher and can be as high as 80% of the adult population. Despite such popularity, there are still some major shortcomings that bother every player.

And why is this lotto different from the others?

A decentralized organization differs fundamentally from the classical model of cooperation where you need to trust people whose intentions you have no way of knowing.

A KIBO organization builds on the most recent smart contract technology, based on the Ethereum computing platform. This means that terms and conditions of cooperation and remuneration rules are hardwired into the so-called smart contract and can be changed or deleted by no one.

By ensuring 100% transparency and guaranteed fair play, we have developed a platform that provides the securest possible support for developing your business that has ever existed.

The security system is built around having no central server as a single failure on such a
unit could disrupt the operation of the whole platform. This means that if the KIBO team cease to
exist some time in the future, your KIBO Lotto will continue to operate as usual.

The numbers:

Income from tickets sold
Income from tickets sold is income in the form of 10% of each lottery ticket
purchased on your platform, by all users down to level 5.

This means that you'll get 10% of every bought ticket by your customers or customers invited by costumers until a deep of level 5.

On the beginning free tickets can be sent by a platform owner to participate in the lottery with a prize fund of of $ 3.5 million (Which will be easily cross). Check here the ongoing prize funding for outstanding marketing similar to what has been done by Uber or paypal go get clients. ... 236c8295de

This by itself will be an amazing daily profit as everybody will be telling about free lotto tickets on a trusted platform.

Also if your clients win the prize you'll get 5% of it. This is up to level 3 of your clients.

Partners who have come into business via your referral link are automatically assigned to you. Increase the customer base of your platform - every new partner increases the growth of your income. From this time you get 10% of the income of all your parterres at 7 levels on a daily basis, which they receive from their customer base.

There will be three type of lotto. 6/49 lotto, 7+ lotto, Joker lotto, and free lotto.

The kbit tokens

The kbit tokens will alow to access 4% of the turnover on the platform KIBO LOTTO worldwide daily spread equal proportions. The tokens will be exchangeable on a trading platform after the sale is complete.

In summary you have the following income sources:

- Client income (Multiple)
- Partner Income
- Royal income from kbit tokens.

The platform can be access having the cost of 10 ETH. The tokens are a bit expensive having a minimum of 100 ETH spent for a 30 kbit per ETH rate. If you want to take advantage of the income generated by the tokens you should hurry as the rate will change to 25 kbit per 1 ETH in 7 days.

I leave here the whiter paper: ... epaper.pdf

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If you have questions just post them here.

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