Official Targeted Ads Topic - Questions And Help

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Official Targeted Ads Topic - Questions And Help

Postby slosumo » Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:33 pm

This topic is meant for everyone needing any help with our Targeted Ads (TA) Product, which offers you to target our users in so many different and valuable ways, that no other platform offers.

But we understand that all the options can be confusing or you might not know how to best use them for your advertising campaign. That is what we are here for - to help you with any questions or issues you might experience when making a TA campaign.

Basic TA help pages you should check to get a basic understanding of how our TA works:
1.) How to setup a TA campaign?
2.) TA Profile Options and Pricing
3.) Potential Use Cases

--Latest Updates regarding our TA Advertising product--
We will be posting any updates regarding TA updates/changes in this topic, to keep you up-to-date.

10th October 2016 - Huge TA usability update
This is a must-check for everyone who wants to buy pure advertising ad views, for reasonable cost AND with targeting options!
We have updated our Targeted Ads to differentiate views/clicks between "clicks on banners" and "regular ad views", as pricing has been adjusted for much more valuable clicks on banners.

But after a lot of demand and as majority of targeted ad views were served via regular ad views, you will now be able to opt-out of banner clicks when purchasing TA campaigns, to get about 10x cheaper targeting options, compared to targeting options on banner clicks.
* Having targeted ad views in the mix of your campaign will speed up delivery significantly.

To do so, simply do the following when setting up a targeted campaign at . If you want to receive targeted views from:

1.) both Banner Clicks and Ad Views (fastest delivery) make sure to fill up both steps 2,3 and 4 properly. Cost per clicks goes by higher price (banner clicks)
2.) Banner Clicks only (slower delivery, but best conversion rate and higher pricing) make sure to fill up steps 2 & 3, but opt out of step 4
3.) Regular targeted ad views alone (MUCH faster delivery, MUCH cheaper pricing) make sure to opt out of steps 2 and 3, and fill out step 4.

A few very basic examples what this TA changes can get you:
- Get cheap ad views over all userbase that will be prioritized in delivery (Target profile Days-Monday-Friday, with $0.003/click)
- Target people who played games ($0.005 per click)
- Target only Female/Male users ($0.003 per click)
* Prices might be changed on regular intervals based on ad delivery and demand.
We will also be following the delivery and how much demand there is for specific targeting filters, and if need be circulate additional ads amongst members being targeted the most. This means, that the more advertisers we can get using these TA options, the more ads we might be distributing amongst targeted members on top of just the daily ad issues, to cover demand and invoke higher activity!
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Re: Official Targeted Ads Topic - Questions And Help

Postby obsuns » Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:18 pm

OfferToro offers is not available for my country (IVORY COAST)
Unfortunately there are no available offers for your location at the moment.
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Re: Official Targeted Ads Topic - Questions And Help

Postby slosumo » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:23 am

This topic is meant for discussion related only to our targeted ads product.

Nonetheless - All offerwall availability depends on what the offerwall has available for that country/user profile. That is not somethign we can affect, and is simply down to how well covered offers they have for a specific country. In general, US, South American and western European countries have the best coverage.

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